kato age two

Frody's Week

Met Jane & Simon – impressed them with aerial stick retrieval, was friendly and cute.

Played with That Abe – a very polite version of tug-of-war – think I’ve won her over. Just the ice queen Java’s heart to win over now.

Kato got sudden and very acute wee infection and had to be rushed to the vets. Humans made jokes about me giving her the clap but stopped laughing when presented with >100 quids vet bill and bizarre device for collecting wee.

Allowed on sofa now as long as don’t growl at other sofa occupants.

Learnt to eat carrots.

I do hope Kato gets better soon, wee infections are horrid.

Carrots are good, Thorn says now you need to learn to dig them right out of the ground when visiting people who grow them.
Oh no - poor Kato! Hope she's feeling better soon - give her a ruffle from me.

Was lovely to mean Frody. We were surprised by his normalness!
Barley Water is the thing... Meena used to get them alot....I always keep a bag of dried Barley for such emergancies...it works in a matter of hours....
I normally boil it up as if I was doing rice... so about 1 part Barley 2/3 parts water.... boil it up let it cool and mix the starchy water in with her food.... I was a sceptic but it does really work... and all natural...