kato age two

Our Medical Reports

Sunday – Frody met Sheffdogs – ignored Penny, avoided Thorneycroft who did some very alluring play bows, obviously doesn’t Slippy on the first date, liked their humans and allowed strokes, deafened own humans on car journey by singing for entire journey.

Monday – Frody cried buckets when Kato & Java left the house without him for their vet appointments – routine vaccinations and Kato actually had her chest listened to as hatty held the stethoscope on while vet listened. She's all healthy. Java having investigations for kidney failure so hippy had to collect wee.

Back at CFC hQ – Frody was left in the care of That Abe and although we left to the sounds of a very bereft & upset dog we returned to a pleasing serene silence. However, being distracted by the prospect of collecting wee, the jubilation of Kato being examined – we completely forgot security protocols. Java & That Abe came snooter to snooter and had a big punch-up. Hippy got slightly bitten in the fracas – ow. But it was split up very efficiently and Frody happily didn’t join in – Kato (who is supposed to be Top Dog) was nowhere to be seen........

To get Java’s wee – we didn’t let her out after dinner, but waited for her to have a nap. She woke up bursting and hippy popped a takeaway box under her bottom. The diagnosis will probably be acute Mushroom Chow Mein.

Tuesday – Frody went to sign on at vets. We explained to vet that although we want him examined and microchipped – not today as we want his first visit to be positive experience. Gave vet a treat to give Frody who seemed calm enough  and he really went for her – oops – he now has UNPREDICTABLE and AGGRESSIVE  written across the top of his notes. But he isn't really - he is just a scared little boy who needs to re-learn some boundaries. He growls if you touch his food bowl when he is eating - so we are going to try to sort that out by giving him and empty bowl and adding lovely stuff.

Results of Java's wee test shows some mild signs of kidney failure - but we're going to retest in about 3 months time. We have to watch out for vomiting, runny bottom and fatigue.

Good grief you have been busy.

Sorry hippy got bitten, give it a kiss better from all of us.

Glad Java's kidneys aren't too bad.

Did you see Thorn waved goodbye to you from the sofa in the bay window? She didn't want you to go.