kato age two


There were rumours that his previous owners were missing him terribly having a real gap in their lives (albeit a weed on, chewed up and trashed gap). But then we got an e-mail to confirm he is ours. So he needs a new tag, to be registered with Vet, sort his microchip out. This led to an Argument here at CFC HQ.  His name and how to spell it? I am under no circumstances going into the vets with a dog called Frodo and hippy looking like well – you know.... how hippy looks.

Froddie, Frodee, Frodie, Froddy, Frodeh, the Frodster, Frodomeister, -  For a moment I considered Fro D but that’s probably some dismal misogynist rap person. So his name will be Fro-dee but spelt Frody.   I’ve checked it doesn’t mean anything awful in Welsh just in case we suddenly win lottery and move.

His issues remain numerous but nothing too daunting outweighed by his cuteness, ability to amuse Kato and pure comedy value.

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I wondered how you spelt his name when I was putting you all on the calender, as you will notice fronm the writing over of his name ;)