And It's A Yes From Me........

Kato was the last judge on the Dog Four Factor to give her agreement that Frodo (damn name) could stay. Frodee (as we call him and he does answer) has gone from frightened little man to one-dog comedy act. Frodee does play with Kato, where she has strength and stamina, he makes up for in stealth and agility.

Frodee has some jealousy issues, it's not easy going from being in a one-dog household to learning to share and doing things as a team. But nothing that a quick OY won't resolve.  He has quickly worked out that dive bombing Java or Abe will result in either a frosty glare (J) or a nip in the fizzog (A) But dive bombing Kato is for the win. He has shown his teeth to hippy, but then hippy was trying to trim his matted bum fur so fair enough I reckon.

We have left the house and it certainly wasn't Frodee who was naffing off the neighbours with some shouting (Good thing neighbours are all deaf / forgiving Christians). He still hasn't ventured to the top of the garden but did play his part in the Repelling of a Cat Infidel manourvre. Java and Frodee covered the holly tree, Frodee being the aeriel division of the operation (yes, we have a flying dog) and Kato did some shouting.

He's sweet, he's funny and he's staying 

This picture was on day two when he was feeling very overwhelmed


Aww, he's cute! He looks a lot like my Gran's old dog Kep :) ..and I really like the name Frodo :P
We used to have a little white fluffy thing which eventually had to be rehomed after biting my little brother's little friends on numerous occasions, in his new home he was called Bilbo and it really suited him :) (and he never bit anyone ever again!)