kato age two

Is it really over a year since we updated?

When one of the computers Chez Doglets went kaput we lost some sort of gateway thing so all the links to the photos were lost – this seemed to make the journal lose flow. I keep meaning to manually link them all back again when I figure out where to host them  and have the time – (but you’re unemployed – I hear you all shout – you have bags of time – I so don’t – it’s odd.  And anyway – its Gap Year damn it – just a bit late).

And I was ill – suspected Menieres Disease which affected my balance, my hearing, my concentration and my focus. I’m sort of better now having had an operation to release the pressure in my head.   We remain ever grateful to some sort of higher order for hippys mildness of MS – but it is affecting our lives more and more, we have to plan around it and make some adjustments. Many things are on hold or taking us more time than we expected.

That Abe and Java still have their Jihad thing going on – we are so used to keeping them separate that feels normal to us. Their ages make it easier – 12 & 13. They don’t mind their “time out” in 3 hour stints and of course Java spends time with her Wallace every weekend which takes the pressure off.  

But Kato was starting to find her two older companions…... well, a bit boring. They don’t play Slippy Dog or Wrestling Game for very long. She isn’t interested in Fetch games – oh, you dropped this quickly becomes I’m not getting it again for you clumsy.  Much as Kato loves her daily walks with me – it’s not far or fast enough. I have tried to play Slippy Dog with her – but I do get a bit miffed when 36kg of dog decks me.

So the search for Dog Four was on. We knew that we would probably fail a homecheck due to the A&J Jihad, no matter how well managed we think it is, people just don’t understand.  I have an aversion to breeders, no matter how well referenced they are. I have a cunning plan for Dog Five - one of you lot (me mates) will buy me a puppy and not for Xmas, then it wasn’t actually me who gave in to the sin – but that’s for later now

Sometimes dogs just come on your radar – bogl /\/\/\ Jane almost found us one but his owner was just having a bit of a bad day with a teenage dog – (we’ve all been there typing out that re-homing advert while sat on a chewed up sofa covered in plaster, yes Abe, that is you)

So we drew up a check list

1.       Bigger or at least equal to Kato in size

2.       Male

3.       No more than 5% collie

4.       A rescue

5.       No older than 2 years

6.       No issues

7.       No separation anxiety

8.       Walks on a lead without dislocating our arms

9.       Did we mention that we don’t think we’re the right home for a collie

So, one out of 9 then – not bad –  Potential Dog Four (PDF) is male. Size between Abe & Java, 80%+ collie, not really a rescue but his time was up with his current humans, he’s 7 in Dec and he has many issues, buckets of them. He has been a lone dog, not used to sharing his space with a pack, but work & life commitments had changed and he was destructive, possessive and noisy.  The neighbors were complaining, a second companion dog was out of the question and he was trashing the house in miserable frustration.   But who would want a destructive, shy, scared, noisy, small collie who needs years of therapy……….

So, PDF is  currently on probation – (day four) and yes he is full of issues, scared of pretty much everything -  men, the dark, other dogs, stairs, garden, children, bicycles, loud noises,  soft furnishings, baskets, men with beards, men without beards, beards without men, doors, Radio 4,

However, there’s been no major scraps just some bum fur on end, a bit of grumbling and all dogs are currently banned from sitting on the human sofa. There has been some lovely sprinting with Kato on Cannock Chase, football on Tettenhall Park today and Java gave him the most gentle kiss when she was greeting her fellow pack mates today. I don’t like his name, and I am sort of scared to type it – in case it all goes horribly wrong and we have to give him back…….

But if all goes well – this becomes his journal and his journey into the Canine Feminist Collective.

Good to hear from you again! Nice to see things are on the mend or under control. Syd and Max Wag Hello - Syd's nearly 11 now and starting (finally) to slow down - he's still bonkers, but for shorter and shorter periods. Max had the snip a year ago and has turned into a bit of a porker - try as we might we can't seem to get his weight down.

They're looking forward to a visit this weekend by my sister and 3 or her seven (!) GSP's - the garden's gonna look like the mountains of the moon by the time they're finished - and then Dad and his Three are coming to stay for the winter - he's sold his house but not finished his new one yet (it's a narrowboat)

Dogs are like landrovers (or handbags in ree_'s case, you can never have enough!
I have been following the progress of the chickens via here and FB - do the Greys pay much attention to them. The doglets are mesmerised by pigeons and will slam into tree's trying to catch them.
They were very interested, but that slacked off after a few days; now they only get wound up if they're frisky or the chickens are being cheeky!

Usually it's just a frozen pose of longing, rather than trying to get a face through the fence & run :)

Nathan, the Toxic Pixie
How can anyone be scared of Radio 4!?

Sorry to hear about the Menieres, I hope sort of better turns into right as rain as soon as.

I echo the demand for pictures of PDF!
Sorry to hear you've been poorly, but glad to hear you on here again! I may not been that keen on being in dogs' presence IRL, due to childhood trauma, but I do like reading about the exploits of your pack on here!
Soooooo, I need to talk to the Big Hairy One about this week end. We really need to get some outside lights up, Penny is understandably reluctant to launch herself down the steps to the garden when she can't see them. I am reluctant to use the side door at night for similar reasons and opening the front door at all is still rather hit and miss. Oh and I've been being itchily allergic to ranitidine so I'm dosed up with antihistamine, covered in anti-itch cream and I have to keep as cool as possible to reduce the reaction. All of which means coming down to yours this weekend is probably out, and next we have Darcy's party. I know you want ours to meet PDF soon, but maybe letting him settle a while would be wise ... I don't know.
Aye, I think he needs a little longer to settle in his new kingdom before meeting cousin Thorney and Old Mad Aunty Penny. He's still finding it all so new and a bit scary.

We only have Saturday free anyway as we need to go sort out my Mums latest calamity with her cashpoint card. So lets postpone for this weekend and do a proper weekend later in Oct or Nov.