kato age two

Santa Paws Isn't Real

Humans returned from shopping with Lindsays Big Presant. Oblong Foam Bed, with washable cover and fake sheepskin pillow. It smelt like the Pet Shop, so Abe instantly launched a frenzied attack to dig out the squeaker. There must be a squeaker......

"Abe!" shouted hatty "Abe, leave that alone, its not yours. Act your age!"
"Act my age? How can I when I am so strongly domesticated? Destined to be a puppy for the rest of my life. And thats your fault human"
"Don't get smart with me Lady! You just jealous becuase Lindsays got her Big Presant. Santa Paws doesn't come to jealous dogs"
"I rest my case. Santa Paws indeed"
"Whatever,just stop talking you make me feel unstable"
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