kato age two

31 weeks and no update - so.......

We doglets are not dead or owt sinister, and our human does read us your entries everyday.  A change in computers has hindered our updates and photos are still not load-upable.  Humans are kind of wrapped up in work, looking after frail parents, raiding Naxx and getting wiped in Ulduar (whatever that means).

Though female Human is probably going to be redundanted in March - good news for us doglets.  And now human has come to accept the idea - good news for her too.  The payout, even after 17 years of loyal being-shat-on is pretty worthless, but the lack of stress and hassle = priceless.  The garden has got a bit much for humans with female human out for 12 hours a day - 5/6 days a week. [info]sheff_dogs  did come and knock it into some sort of  controllable shape but it needs time, less tired humans and better weather.

So an update - We landmarked in April - Dolbelydr - perfect for dogs - completly enclosed huge garden to keep [info]therovers  from harassing the deer, owls, foxes, bats and bullocks.  Dolbelydr, a place of complete silence,  stillness and absolute darkness at night, the most amazing bathroom and total beauty. Prince Charles had signed the visitors log - and so have we :-)  Landmark fresher and besty mate J was immediately converted to Landmarking as soon as she sat at the 5yards long solid oak dining table with a nice glass of red and looked on the immense fire place (which sadly we didnt actually need to use)

Another landmark in July with [info]boglin andlupercal   superb building, oozing intrigue and history,  Lutrells Tower.  Just a 144 steps up and down, when you have forgotten your tabs or the bottle opener was a bit rough. And sharing the garden with the local billionaire and his aqua-vehicle meant Kato couldnt run free in an open space that was begging for her paws to run accross. Its probably one of the most lavish and expensive Landmarks, but not as dog friendly as others due to the local billionaire having five sweetnesses of his own.  The tower is only a few yards from the sea but the inadequate fencing betwixt, leads people to believe its a building site and climb over. Having a Kato is very helpful in these situations, a polite  "Don't let the children stroke the rotty one" and they are backing away. However , a bottle of nice ale , faveourite humans company and  the view of the Solent from the living room with its ships and boats rolling past. Worth every penny.. What Kato wouldnt give to be back there now, with sand in her paws, sticky bobs in her coat and  her heavy head half asleep on that[info]boglin

We have Knowle Hill booked for December, Coombe Corner for feb and a text today from  [info]therovers  suggests maybe an April landmark with new landmarkers - ooh wheres the book............

Today - we got wormed - been letting off windys all night now.  Java still hates Abe. Abe has forgotten who Java is. (well ,she is 12)  Kato is a big clumsy lummox. Java goes out with her Wallace on adventures every other weekend but he is away for the summer now. The redundantness in 2010 suggests the ideal time sttle in  a bombproof huge boy puppy to play with Kato (A&J both play but tire easily) - but we would fail a homecheck due to the Abe/Java Jihad and buying one from a breeder - ick - just goes against everything humans believe in.

Humans are off to Edinburgh festy for the weekend soon. Java is going on a very special hollibobs with boglin  lupercal  and therovers .   That Abe and Kato will be hosting a mad weekender with  sheff_dogs   Abe and Pennymentals relationship never fails to ammuse - two old ladies, both a bit deaf, grumbling and scolding at the youngsters Thorn & Kato.
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