kato age two

That Abe

The end of the tail first - she now seems fine.

On Saturday, Abe became unusually quiet and seemed to be off her food. She then threw up violently  a few times. By Sunday - she had stopped vomiting but was obviously a poorly dog - even some cooked fish and rice did not tempt the Four Pawed Trash Can.  She eventually went to sleep  "if I do not wake - tell Java...... I forgive her..........." 

At 11 - she is getting on a bit and she has got some odd little health problems - her allergys, lumpy bits on her chest, her bottom problem. We were worried. Hippy took her to the vet and she was a quiet demure little dog who was well mannered towards the vet and even said Thankyou. She even allowed herself to be lifted onto the examination table. So That Abe has a stomach infection - and its just one of those things - a bug - theres a lot of it about. The others may get it - they may not.

Today she returned to the vet "Ooh - she looks more lively" said the vet
"Lively?" barkled that Abe "I'll give you barkin lively, I,m not going on that table and you are not putting that thing up my ass, you'll have to catch me first. And I,m starving  - give me a biscuit bitch and I;ll go on the table..........nice biscuit..........but I'm still not going on the table suckers"

In other news - Kato is realy enjoying the added accelleration that frozen snow brings
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