kato age two

So What Do You Buy The Man Who Wants Nothing.....

hatty fretting over presant for hippy - for all their sarcasm about ConsumerMass - they get sucked in like everyone else.

House purchase is just waiting for the searches now. We could even have the keys end January - so any spare cash will be needed to fortify the new Territory with a Java-proof fence. And a few minor essentials - like floors you don't fall through and fixing deathtrap electrics.

Yesterday, humans went to visit parents and The Cat Formerly Known as Lilo (now known as Little Tinker). It was raining in the Midlands - it was torrential Wrath of God floods stylee in Wales. We got looked after by Simon who was looking a bit worn out. House of God - it does that to you. We were well happy to see him - and accept big amounts of fuss and attention.