Happy Birthday Little Abe

Little Abe was 11, yes ELEVEN, years old on Saturday. Old age suits her - eccentric, back chatting, brave, feisty, clever, canny little dog. She is looking very silver around the snooter and not quite so energetic. But then no one ever saw That Abe asleep until she was about eight years old - but she tears round the garden showing that Kato whose boss. Theres a lot of life in the small dog yet.
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Happy Dogday Abe!!!


From all of us at Denbigh Dog Mansions.
Belated Happy Birthday Lil Abe, we was coming back from Wales.

Penny still hates Phoebe, who still hates her back, but nothing more then the odd snarl in passing was permitted. Penny says 'I could've 'ad 'er I could, easy'

Thorn loved everyone and remembered everyone so the humans got cuddles. Thorn trying to be submissive to the Jack Russell's was quite a sight.
Thorn says 'I luuuuuuuuuuurve you, play wiv me, play slippy dog, Iluuuuuuuuuuuuuurve you, play wiv me, play'
Jacks say 'WTF ... oh it's a giant puppy, we aren't puppies anymore, we can TELL IT OFF'