Nice one :)

Am only 63 at the moment. I'm spending loads of my time grinding away in PVP and around Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula. Trying to get my honor up with them guys.
I'm feeling really addicted at the moment. I want a large round table (got to be a low table so we can have bean bags), lots of food (perhaps those with Real Life +15 stamina quality) so we could all sit around it with laptops for 14 hours!!!

I've got bored with my other chars, now working on a warrior instead, she's at 52 :o)
Dps atm, aiming to go prot when she hits 70!
Am admittedly getting boosted a lot, it's boring playing a warrior ;o)
Heh - I find the priesty business a bit boring - although more enjoyable in BGs than being a warrior. Maybe its the second time around thing thats boring.

Surprisingly, I quite like the social side of Wow - tho have sekkrit chars for when I dont really want to interact with anyone.

And is it wrong to quite like being turned into a sheep = lol

Well done - I remember how brilliant when I got to 70!!! Wish you were on our server!
Good good. Only a little while to wait until Wrath of the Lion King or whatever comes out and you can do the whole thing again til 80.

Only playing it on and off here every few months, hence being 62.
Forgot to ask - what are your characters called?

Mine's Nottaklu on Aerie Peak (I decided that I shouldn't delude people that I actually know anything about the game - hence the name!)
Play on Bronze Dragonflight - my lvl 70 warrior is called Hatseeker and my level 52 priest is called Qayto. I also have a character in another guild as a contact - and just starting a mage - called Hatso.

And I still dont really know what I,m doing...........