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Ack Ack and Puppys

That Abe has a cough, a nasty, retching, dry cough that makes her little form fold up into a Sharp Triangle of Jagged Cough. This is a worry as when Little Abe was discovered some years back  to have a heart murmur, the vet asked if she had a cough. Our humans are now psyching themselves up for the Take Abe to the Vets challenge.

Other than rasping like a metal filing blocked drain - the Abester is in fine fettle and in complete control of her Minion, Ms Kato.  

That Abe has also put the new sheff_dogsrecruit, the Dog Child Thorneycroft, (now nearly taller than Kato but years off catching up in the sassy booty dept) in her place with Abe's subliminal instructions implanted in the pups brain that Abe maybe small but is very much in charge. We suspect that Abe has a place for Thorney in her world domination plan. Thorns at that stage where she can work out how to get the Temple of Food doors open but still smacks herself daft when the door hits her in the snooter.

Thorns last visit (Friday) was spent mainly dropping toys on Kato's head in an attempt to get Ms Kato to play. After the tenth toy, Kato collected up all toys and lay on top of them, muttering about it being childish.  Thorn then had a toothy tug on Kato's ears, then her tail. Kato feigned sleep. Thorn, not deterred, put Kato's entire snoot her mouth and pulled "Play Slippy Cousin Kato". Kato grumped but obliged. And  a smug Java watched with one eye "now you know how I feel Bitch" Tho after Thorn left, Kato regressed again and had Aunt Java's entire snoot in her mush "Play slippy JaJa - purleeeeze"

And for the record - Java is fine with Thorn, dare we say motherly  but from a reserved distance.

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Hope the Abester is OK

Penny and Thorn are both on the chaise in the office, Penny is dreaming and kicking Thorn who is trying to doze, unsuccessfully as she is being dream kicked.