It Was a Hot Summers Day and...........

it was very quiet at Canine Feminist Collective HQ. Java was sleeping off yesterdays several miles mission accross Cannock Chase and a bit of snooter sunburn. Kato was basking in the sun,  dreaming of whooping the Dog Child Thorns little ass at Slippy next weekend. The humans were pottering about gardening and generally being pointless. And in the distance a dog barked that sounded just like That Abe. Human looked up from the French Bean seeds, stopped swearing about slugs and remarked to hippy "Hey Hippy, that sounds just like..............oh my DOG" 

Frantic calling of the little Abe and no sign, just the barking in the distance. But then she appeared in next doors garden with the elderly neighbour wheezing along behind her with a broom in his hands.

"ABE! How did you get there?"  hystericaled Human
Abe slipped with ease through the bars of the metal fence............
"How long you been able to do that?" enquired a jealous but impressed Kato
"How long we lived here?" said Abe serenely
"Little tinker came running out onto the pavement" said the elderly neighbour which caused our Human to turn a deathly shade of  white.

Our human is now convinced that Abe has malnutrition and must be fattened up - which is well worth being chased by a broom wielding geriatric. Hippy then constructed some temporary Abe-proofing to the fence. 
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I suspect she has never really ventured far and perhaps the neighburs gates to the front have ever been open before. But I got the impression that she knew - because she knew how to get back. I think being chased back by a 90 year old with a broom has deterred future efforts.

Abe is a feisty little JRT cross but panics when her world gets too big. Because of her allergies and non-vaccinated state, her world is limited.
The trouble starts when the see a cat or something though...

When I had my narrow boat I had to take it into a boat yard for its annual inspection, it was all enclosed so Osca (collie x) was allowed out for a wander about.... until I saw him happily trotting along the railway track!! that was it...confined to quaters....
We have barricaded the weak point in the defenses but one of this weekends tasks will be to further secure the area. And Bottle Bank.
eeeeeek ! (and not only due to mention of bottle bank ...)

Mindyou we have nice men with big lorry who come every fortnight and accept deposits for bottle bank. Drawback is that entire street can inspect the contents of your crate by the front gate every second Tuesday and check what you are consuming.

Glad to hear your beans are running close second to WoW. Enjoying real life warcraft here in continuing legal battle against satanic writings of former employer. We also ventured out of doors recently for first time in about 18 months. Garden appears to have been taken over in meantime by Forces of Evil heavily disguised as invasive exotic species. Am re-learning ancient skills with +2 Fork of Digging, not to mention seeking suitable words of power for new Shredder of Twigs thoughtfully provided by parents for Christmas ...