kato age two

Ms Kato not kAt0

kAt0's birthday passed without party or present - the Dog Child is now 4 and officially not a Dog Child anymore. Actually, that was at age 3 but The Sweetness was given an extra years grace just to get the maturity thing perfected. And perfect she is - as long as she has the space and steam-letting-off faclities that she needs.  This is noticable on holiday as she has to behave herself in the lovely Landmark Trust property -  she is a coiled spring by the time we get to an open space where she can race around - but within minutes of rocketing round like a mad 'un -she's settled again.

The other key to Kato's growing up (she would prefer it spelt this way now and not the adolescent graffiti stylee anymore )- was the introduction of the Toddler Thorneycroft to the mix. sheff_dogs newest addition is a GSD rescue pup, who at 6 months can look Kato in the eye. Gonna be a big lass. Having lost her initial shyness, Thorn just wants to play, play and play some more. 
"Kato, Play Slippy NOW"  "Kato play Fox and Hound game" "Kato, can we play biting faces now, Can We? Can We? awwww, can we?" "Awww, Cousin Kato, no sleepy now"

Cousin Kato finds herself retreating to the nearest basket, muttering about pups of today and how she was never so tiresome, which brings raised eyebrows from Aunty Java and the elderly but sussed mad Aunty Abe. Kato misses Thorn when she has gone tho - and misses having a constant playmate as her other housemates will only play briefly. Do we hear the pitter patter of  baby puppy paws? Probably not - as Abe and Java still hate each other and we doubt we would pass a homecheck on those grounds. Could just buy a puppy.........I would love a deer or wolf hound, or a beautifull sleek, black dane........but theres an unwanted, clumsy lummox of a crossbreed somewhere that would miss out on a tolerant and happy home. The cost is not relevant as we pay nearly the same for our unpredictable crosses as we would pay for a pedigree.

Java continues to have an enviable social life - aside from holidays in Devon and trips to Chester, she "weekends"  fortnightly with her Wallace. Returning from one walk black and pink due to it being 7 miles accross brick clay. Java knows where to get a decent pint of real ale in a 100 mile radius and don't get her started on her steam train enthusiasm. She did have a run in with an electric sheep fence which actually caused her to Squeak loudly - so it must have really hurt - as Java can be trodden on with little more than the mildest of underbreath curses.

That Abe is enjoying her descent into pensioner years, all the crazy eccentric behaviour but with an excuse now. "Am nearly  eleven" she smirks, as she grumbles obscenitys at Posty and shouts untrue nonsense at the neighbours and passers by ("Help! I am unfed and unloved") 

So thats us - updated - there may even be snaps at some point. Our humans are busy and a bit work-stressed. We only got near the PC cos WOW is having an update.

shouts untrue nonsense at the neighbours and passers by ("Help! I am unfed and unloved")
I've got a pensioner who does that.

Will swap for dog.
*waves* Hadn't heard anything from you for a while Was hoping it was just WOW, rather than you being swept off the face of the earth or anything.
Thorn is thinking about a short visit Friday, Saturday early Sunday 16,17,18th May. She has to see Big Hairy Ones Mum and Big Hairy Ones Sister for Sunday lunch while the silly b*gger that's married to Big Hairy Ones Sister (that stares and stares and stares and WILL go to stroke when he's been told not to, but who "dogs always like")is away. Oh and Big Hairy One is doing things with buses on the Saturday so he might not come at all. Penny would come too as she feels that Abe really needs some tutoring to improve her "I'm starving me, they don't feed me at all" technique.