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 Our humans aren't dead or owt, just immersed in their on-line WOW alter-egos. After all that derision Human poured on on-line gaming - Human and Hippy now cant conduct themselves in real life without looking upwards to the right to check their mini-maps.

But - there is hope, they managed to leave the house and trundle over to see Dara o Brain. Marred only by the one hour plus wait to get out of the hippodrome carpark. One bloke and a microphone, exactly how really good comedy should be done.

We Feminists are fine - Java still despises Abe, Kato is still well pretty, even though she has a little line of white fur under her bottom lip, sometimes excentuated with some drool. ThorneyCroft and Penny (aka sheff_dogs ) came to stay. kAt0's strategy for getting the wee dog-toddler to play, was to bang her front paws on the floor with increasing power and velocity. Thorn needs a couple more pies before playing with the over boistrous savage. Java likes Thorn but was mostly away that weekend going on long walks and then meeting her friends for drinks. 

Sorry to report that Java's friend Moss (JaJa's special girlfriend) passed away unexpectedly after a heart attack. Java will miss her.

Got to love World of Warcrack. I'm not sure what it is but that game really is addictive. What level are you at now?
My main character is lvl 56 warrior. hippy has now responded to my instructions to come to my realm and is busily lvling up as a priest.
Clicked send before finished me post.......

Seems to be several knobs to pleasant people ratio. Have got a short list of friends who I quest with occaisionally.
Hey what server you on! Bex and I are on Kilrog (sp?! Is that right), I have two characters now, my highest being a level 46 human female (lets face it, the human males just look retarded) rogue. I'm no longer a n00b ;-)
lvl 56 warrior though I usually avoid instances and dont often play in a group. If I do play in a group,l I just tag along to explore (and hit stuff) then go back later to do the quests by myself. On Bronze Dragonflight usually. Emergency characters on Lightbringer and Dragonblight :-)

I have other characters on other servers - just in case LOL

I seem to recall Bex saying you play on your laptop - can I ask what spec your laptop is and if its OK playing wow.
It's actually work's laptop, formly used for intense CAD work so it's got a dedicated ATI 128MB graphics card although quite old compared to what you can pick up these days yet perfect for WOW. With a 17" wide screen monitor it looks great. Also with 1 gig memory and 3gig Intel it's very smooth.

WOW is on the low end of game specification these days, very few polygons, zero to little shadowing and relying on texture mapping more than anything else.

I tend to do a lot of group work with Bex, and also a heck of a lot of PvP on my own. Bex's is currently leveling a lot quicker than myself as I spend many hours back stabbing 12 year olds in Arathi Highlands ;-)
Cant seem to paste the link to the laptop hippy is advising I purchase - one of his work dudes (proper hardcore WOW person, two accounts, several lvl 70s) is happy with.

Just got to work out which broadband on the move deal to try.

We're on bronze dragonflight if you ever fancy a dance :-)
There must be a market for an MMORPG called World of Woofcraft ...