kato age two

Puppy Alert

New Recruit at  

sheff_dogsHQ, Thorn arrived to meet the Feminists on her journey from Wales to Sheffield. Penny scuttled in straight to stare at the Temple of Food "I,m barking knackered - you lot puppysit for me" spangled Penny "I,ve been up all night keeping my beady eye on it"

 Aunty Java was gentle and dare we say, maternal. Not making any sudden movements in case the puppy was upset. Cousin kAt0 was friendly but held back, she longed to initiate Babys First Slippy Dog (with stabilisers).

But you know those mad gin-soaked Aunts that everyone has, smelling of mothballs, who do embaressing things at weddings, wear ludicrous hats, bounce off walls and denounce the deceased as a whore loudly at funerals.........and this is your Aunty Abe.

Thorn and Cousin kAt0