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hatty human in reflective mood - yesterday a friend asked would she miss Bearwood. "Its become just this house and the bus stop".  No friends left in Bearwood anymore.  No decent pubs. If we club in Bham we can get the tram/train/taxi or crash on friends sofa's. Never venture to the chain store hell that is Bham shopping centre.  Keeping in touch with those we consider friends will be no more difficult than it is now given everyones opposing life schedules - which is reassuring to us doglets.

And this house - witness to so much tragedy - so many tears, so many failed new beginnings - but she waited to be truly happy before she even considered moving away. To cleanse this house of all the bad karma, to leave it full of hope, contentment and plur. Its where Java learnt  freedom after months of  a 4by4 cage, where the orphan Abe was weaned, where Lindsay got herself a canine pack to play with in her advancing years and be her daytime companions.

In other news - hatty stood on hippys spectacles - those of you who have seen these icons of geekdom will be mortified.  However, hippy has very carefully glued them back together. Good as New! Save a few glue smears. Just a bit of duct tape now......

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