kato age two

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 Poor kAt0 is on three paws. Seems to have something in her front left. Its been soaked a few times - she looks very bemused at getting very high value rewards for standing with one paw in a bowl of salty water. Its not infected as Nurse Abe would have detected this. But it looks like kAt0 will need to go vetwards soon. She is avoiding playing Slippy Dog and preferring to read a book. She does look so cute with one paw held aloft but not as cute as............

sheff_dogs have a New Junior Member of the Northern Collective, a wee 4 monther GSD called ThornyCroft - Thorn for short and a girly. (And she is a rescue before y'all write in - its not some mad pedigree name just eccentric friends)  
The toddler, Thorn, is hopefully visiting tomorrow to be abducted  introduced to her new family. As everyone knows - puppies are made of rubber, especially on their tummys - so our humans will be molesting the wee bairns rubber and going "Squeeeeeeeee"

Other news. Liver treats from Hootys are the biz and well stinky. And its our humans birthday tomorrow.