kato age two

Day One - In the Big Lindisfarne House.

Got up before we went to bed and bundled into car along with beer and sensible clothing. Slept lots on the journey apart from being chucked out of car to have Pee in ever increasing windspeeds and depths of rain. Arrived at Lindisfarne - met up withrainbowskyeflooksboglinlupercaland Jackie with no LJ. Ate, planted canine "flags" at Poo Tree to claim the island as our own and slept well till..........

Day Two - today Big Lindis has set the Canine Housemates a task - to find treasure on the beach. Heres kAt0 and her attempt http://floot.demon.co.uk/lynn/kato%20dig.AVI  next Task was a game of fetch the Stick. Lets see you Chuck this one for us humans............

Day Three - the housemates are in the kitchen, Java has been in the Diary Basket for over twenty minutes. "Beach was packed out today" said Java "There was one dog and at least two other humans there" 
BIg Lindis: Java, how are the rest of the housemates getting along
Java: Well, they don't do much, they eat a lot, drink a lot, do a bit of walking, dawdling, take snaps,  play relaxing board games tho that Boglins got a competitive streak, I think she's innit to win it.
"Java, kAt0 is up for eviction tomorrow - will you miss her?"
"Errrr.....probably not, she gets a bit up herself, thinking she's all cute and that. Humans reckon they have to get back to That Abe Infidel. Anyway, I will claim the Poo Tree as my own. I claimed the Priory today. Kato claimed the beach several times but anydog can claim a beach - now claiming a Priory, that takes skill"

Day Four - kAt0 - you have been evicted and must leave the Big Lindis House. 

But Java remained, as due to not being a scaredy grizzle-bucket could take up the offer of extra holiday. 
If you want the rest of the week -
After Kato's eviction, Java is set a walking task - nearly two hours across the sand dunes, over the beech to a strange white pyramid, through a field of sheep and back to the Big Lindis House. Java has to claim the pyramid, and not eat any sheep in order to win the luxury shopping list for the week. She completes the task successfully.

Later on in the evening, she is admitted to the secret room next door.

Day 5 in the Big Lindis house

Big Lindis sets Java a bladder task. Her housemates went to bed before midnight and are still not up at half past nine! After visiting the Big Lindis poo tree, Java spends a couple of hours in the diary basket, whilst another two housemates are evicted.

Big Lindis So how do you feel about the two housemates you left with?
JavaThey're myhousemates now.

The Big Lindis task today is for Java to attempt the crossing to St. Cuthbert's Isle, count the number of dead birds on the island, and return without getting her tummy wet. Once again she succeeds and is rewarded with a Big Lindis biscuit.

3pm and Java goes to the shop to order the luxury shopping list - two tins of Butcher's and a bag of cinder toffee. An argument breaks out when the housemates discover an ex-housemate has made off with the shop's entire stock of cinder toffee, and there will not be another delivery until February! There's plenty of Butcher's though.

Day 6 in the Big Lindis house

Big Lindis has set another walking task, but this time is has to be done in comical fancy dress as a trainspotter. On the first walking task over the Heugh, Java is spotted by a paparazzi seal, and the housemates are ordered to return to the house until further notice. Java fails the second walking task, due to a massive hail storm, and has to return to the diary basket to dry off.

Day 7 in the Big Lindis house

The final day of Big Lindis! Whilst Java is in the diary basket, the other housemates successfuly complete the Big Lindis cleaning task.

Big LindisWho do you think is going to win Big Lindis?
Java Well I know that boglin's has a game plan all along, but I think I might just snatch it.
The final results are in, and it's a double eviction! Java and boglin - you have been evicted and must leave the Big Lindis house.

So lupercal is this year's Big Lindis winner. His prize is to mop the kitchen floor on the way out.

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