So, This is Christmas........

Java was away for Xmas but apparently she was absolutely beside herself when her pressie was unwrapped. A bright red anorak with fluoro strips, fur collar and fleece lining. No photos yet, as soon as she got back from Xmas she was off again for an overnighter.
Kato and Java also have flashing collars for their forthcoming Lindisfarne trip - photos will follow at some time.

kAt0 got a tough ring toy, Little Abe got a honking mallard and surpassed her own record by de-honking mallard in less than 60 seconds, Penny (ala spanglesnoot) got a t-shirt with "Talk to the Paw" on the back.

Abe, kAt0 and

sheff_dogsPenny  sat down expectantly to their Christmas Dinner, always a quality treat, would it be sardines in sunflower oil? pilchards in tomato?


Reluctant at first, but dog was it scrummy-delish when we got over our initial reticence. Sadlt camera batteries died before the photos of us consuming our Xmas delicacy. Tentacle or sucker?
kAt0 also had stole a choco-pud


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You really need to sort that battery problem ;)

I reckon the de-honking was done in about 15 seconds :)