kato age two

32 Sleeps to Santa Paws!

32 Sleeps to Santa Paws? See for every one human sleep in the dark/light cycle - we doglets have four (not including mini-kips, resting our eyes, power napping, mediating or stealth guarding disguised as sleeping). Four proper sleeps is equal to one day.

kAt0 is well excited, marking off the Sleeps till that welly-wearing  beardy dude comes down the chimney. Tho welly-wearing beardy dude could be describing Hippy. 

Then its counting down the sleeps till Lindsifarne - might even let Java have an off lead run whe the tides in - it being an island lowers the chance of losing her (Java's recall can be is naff) and also having a

boglinto run after her is reassuring. Java doesn't mean to be rubbish at recall - but when she gets the slightest sniff of prey (chippy, pint of real ale, rabbit etc) she is so focussed, she goes completly deaf.

Java spent the weekend with her many, many canine friends - of all shapes, sizes and genders a-rambling and a-boozing with her Besty Friend Gromit. There were five other dogs on the ramble and she was friendly, sociable, swopped mobile numbers and prmised to do lunch sometime with them all. Her Gromit does seem to be able to find many pubs that will let dogs in AND serve a decent pint. That Abe hung out with her Little Emo (who prob isn't an emo anymore but some gothpunk hybrid - still Little tho). While kAt0 was in the longest Down Stay like Evah up at the humans parents - but was rewarded with illicit yet delish sugary biscuity goodness.

In other news, Little Abe has some green seaweedy powder added to her food in an attempt to combat her tartary dog breath. But one of her canine(!) fangs looks like it is going bad and may need removal. Going to discuss with vet after ConsumerMass - but it would mean a general anaesthetic, and Little Abe does react badly to any chemicals in her body. But probably best to get it done while she is ten rather than waiting till she is even more elderly. Heh! Little Abe being elderly - who woud have thunk it.



If the doglets would let us near them with a electric toothbrush, I would prob buy them their own LOL - a bit of a rub with a towel is the most these will put up with. kAt0's gnashers are lovely - but then she's young and likes chewing stuff.

Java is looking very skinny in a muscley whippet sort of way.
I used to have this problem with Barnum...(and still do if he gets the wiff of a Fox).....but he is pretty good now... and comes back to a whistle....
krappo will recall to a whistle but Java is just so, so focussed - not even a roast chicken with her name on could get her attention. But she is older, mellower.......slower than she was.
I have to stop Barnum before he goes into "Full Cry" mode....he sort of gets a scent...freezes and then is off like a rocket...so I have had to learn to recognise the "Im off" signs and get him back before he does it...
kAt0 has been assured that Santa paws can fit down the Aga chimney as he Sci-Fi Santa Paws and can pour himself down the tiny chim-lee.

Wheres your shopping requests Missus - we is braving Waitrose tweekend and need to compile list.