kato age two

Its A Dogs World

Java needs a coat. Her thin fur isn't really up to keeping out the cold. Fine when she is walking (she did a 7 miler with her club on Saturday including two miles of very steep hills) but when she is sat about afterwards she probably ought to put a jumper on. Java's apparell is the equivelent of humans sitting outside in your undies. 

In other news, the DogChild keeps the humans on their toes stealing everything in snooting distance - pinched a packet of double-choc chip cookies. kAt0 has the inteligence to work out the angle of trajectory to leap up, bash a paw on the biccys, flip them out of the cupboard, catch them in midair and finish with a pirouette. But lacks the commonsense to then stealth them out of the house. Excellent cat(!!!) burglar but needs a Getaway Driver.

Crashed and crinkled off to her lab (under the bushes outside kitchen door) to inspect and marvel.  Pressed her snoot very firmly over her quarry while Human (aka Mrs hippy)  tried to croupier the Biccy Grail in with the yard brush. This led to a stalemate of Human trying to rake kAt0 in and kAt0 digging her paws in and clinging onto cherry tree. The wreckless sacrifice of the biccys to the Wheely BIn Deity was possibly compensated by the comical vision (Laugh? We Nearly Mewed)  of Human lying on her front and crawling under the muddy bush. The Abester sat on the doorstep looking dignified, wise and highly amused while our muddy human sat cursing and spitting out bits of shrub.

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