kato age two

The News from the Collective

Facebook - Its a bit scary innit - and people use their real names. Thats a bit too IRL for our human. Not sure our human will cope. She only signed up to nosey-park.

Snow - "FanBarkinTastic" said our spokesdog on location before zooming off to play Artic Slippy
"Brrrrr" said the rest of the doglets back in the studio. 
Our human is praying for mucho snow so she can play Artic Slippy  work from home.

Cough - Little Abe has a cough, probably nowt but keeping an eye on her. Our very own sytd sounds a bit hoarse.

Walks - kAt0 gatecrashed Java's Staff Association yesterday, seven miles, (tho kAt0 clocked up 28 miles). kAt0 is much better off-lead than on, she is fine in built up areas being on lead, but when she sees those big wide open spaces - she just has to go and turns into a bit of a hoodlum until she is set free. Tho she doesn't wander far away - though did have to be held onto until hippy caught up as there were deer. There were also horses, which kAt0 didn't bat an eyelid at - her rescue also had horses, wonder if she remembers.   And there were six dogs on the walk in total includind a small yappy type dog (SYTD) and a big lad called Barney. The collective were polite and amicable, no grumbling. 
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The Pointers were let out for late night wees last night....I didnt realise it was snowing.... opened the back door to two snow covered dogs... they looked like chocolate dusted in Icing Sugar