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Formal offer of mortgage arrived today so solicitor can now start the searches - assuming no hiccups with those, no mineshafts in the cellar or imminent motorways, then we could be peeing along our new boundaries as early as February - maybe sooner but theres Consumermass in the way . We doglets like Consumermass tho - you can never have enough Winalot Selection Packs, novelty sqeakers or throwy things.

</a></b></a>eddy_  is coming to visit tomorrow which is always good news - hope Gothic Dogsitters Inc can still look after us when we move to Wolves.  We heard these stories about Psychotic Pensioners who run some sort of Sadistic Boot Camp in the name of PetSitting. <shiver>


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Don't worry. Gothic Dogsitters Inc. will always look after you :o)