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Home is Where the Heart Is.

So, we are back then. Little Abe did alright at the weekend with a cathandtheskunk to look after her every whim, and a rainbowskye and flooks in attendance just in case there wasn't quite enough attention for Little Abe. Little Abe now curled up in warm contented ball snoozing away. Or thanks to Team Abe for making the weekend possible.

Java and kAt0 not such a good weekend and our humans have resolved never, ever to put us in kennels ever again. [info]sheff_dogs Penny was also in the nick with us. But then its a rare occaision that demands that every single other dogsitter was indisposed. "Team Abe"  had offered to endure look after all three of us - but thats such a tricky conumdrum and our humans really thought we would be OK in kennels.  We did feel sorry for those whose sentence was longer than ours, but couldn't wait to get in the car, never has the boot of a VW Estate felt so welcoming. 

 Aside from a sprint around on the beach for an hour on Friday and Saturday - the rest of our time was pretty miserable. Our tails were so right under we looked docked! 

We were so upset, we called in Chester on the way home, to have a relax and a pootle in the parents garden, many poos and lots of wees. The humans parents made sympathetic soothing nosies and gave us sugary biscuits (the holy grail of Biscuits) and we eventually felt safe again.