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kAt0 and Java booked into Welsh holiday camp for weekend. That Abe got the long straw and gets to spend a whole weekend with Kathi (or Qathi as we think it should be spelt). Human and hippy just nipping out to get married. Back Sunday.

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gosh already ? hurrah !!!

sorry have not been in touch nor even sent a card, due to general crapness at things (and of things) this end. hope it all goes really really well though and that you can enjoy it as much as you are permitted to ;-) we will have to descend on you again soon to share congratulations - promise not to be sick this time ...
Ooh! Congratulations!

Is this why LJ people have been asking wedding photographic advice?
Pharaoh the Phabulous
Have a great day!
Squawk!! I like LJ surprises like that! Hope you had a great day!