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Bonfire Night

Java and Abe have had a bit of a bark and a panic.  kAt0 is trying to fold herself up very small and press herself into even smaller spaces. She is asleep now, fretting is an exhausting thing. We will have to follow her around all night as there is no way she is going to willingly visit the karzee. 
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That made me snort with laughter!

Poor doglets. I hope all the random loud flashy noises will tail (no pun intended!) off a bit after today, at least.

I need to come and find out when you need Team Abe to arrive on Friday and any special instructions (although the Not Really Emo, I'm more an Indie Punk Goth Rocker really will probably know most things other than doggy bedtime routines...) I am sad that Penny is not joining us too now, was looking forward to seeing her! (Cathi probably thinks that if she keeps exposing me to nice dogs, I will eventually crack and allow her to have one. Clearly it's not working
I have updated User Guide to Little Abe. I will text you tomorrow when back from dress-fitting - see when you can pop round or I can pop round to see you.

The doglets have worn themselves out now, Java and Abe are hoarse from barking. Kato is just thoughtful now and visibly uneasy about going outside. She hid under the table and even a very high value smoky bacon snack couldn't tempt her out.
You almost got her again. Big Hairy has an interview in Nottingham on the Monday so we considered coming back to wolves so he could go from there. In the end he decided to come back here and that I should go down to Boncath with Penny.

Have fun with the Furry Fuhrer:)