kato look up


There was a knock at the door, Java fired up in true guard dog stylee and kAt0 sat on the chest in our bay window smiling warmly and invitingly at them.

Trick or Treaters: Does it bite?
kAt0: Come and play with kAt0. I have biscuits and throwy things and a birdy toy and everything.Let them in human, can we play with them, can we, can we, awwww, can we?

Sadly, through the window and with the glint of their pumpkin shaped torches refelcting off her lovely  white razors teeth , this got lost in translation and came out as

kAt0: gerroff my doorstep, I am psychotic and crazed, I will tear out your throat and fry it with onions, I eat babies for breakfast me, and children for supper and I,m not even hungry , just mental.

Saved me 50p anyway.