kato age two

Splatty Poos -

 Java has always been a committed pro-housetraining doglet since the first day she set paw in the Canine Feminist Collective HQ, which considering she had been in the nick in a 4foot square pen for 6 months was amazing.

Java can usually, easily do up to six hours between toilet visits, can do a straight eight hours overnight if need be.   But the last few days has seen a couple of splatty poos just an hour or so since visiting the Little Bitches Room - not a full emptying of the dog but a semi-runny puddle. Her snoot is a healthy cold wet snoot, she seems her usual self, demonstrating some excellent repelling of Trick-or-Treaters. It only happens when she can't ask to go - she asks by snooting and barooing, and can be very persistent if shes clothing/desperate, pawing and climbing on those with the Mystical Skill of BackDoor Opening. Java gets very upset if she does it in the house. She chooses to go as far away from the house as she can. Her food hasn't changed and she doesn't seem upset by the Punch-Up with The Abe Infidel on Friday. Even though I scolded her quite sharply,  she looked so sad and confused, she just wants me to love her, and sees That Abe as a threat to that relationship and all relationships.

Have been wondering about her age recently - everyone who meets her thinks she is much older than the dogs home would have us believe. She is sort of nine, a year younger than That Abe. Maybe she is older. She did grow when she first came to live with me and

theroversbut perhaps that was just good diet and being loved on terms she could cope with.

Going to follow her tomorrow to her pooing place in the garden, and see if theres any problem with her number two-ing. Though she is not keen on being watched pooing, especially if she is off-lead.



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A little bio yog sometimes helps.....she hasnt been drinking any feral water has she....it gets ours eveytime...stinkie puddle water...
Of course, probably the pond, though there is a waterbowl in every room in this house - the pond just has that je-ne-sais-quoi over the fresh, clean bowls.

kAt0 also had squitty bum - we wondered about the kennel cough vaccine.
Well I think if it was tha vaccine there would be additional symptoms...like hot dry noses and sleepyness.... you may need to get any mouldering leaves out of the pond....I was elblow deep in ours at the weekend....it was delightfull...