kato age two

The First Uprising

 On Friday, there was a slight hiccup, Java breached usual tight security and stuck one on the Abester.  The bloody uprising was quickly averted by  the Human Peacekeeping force, though it had been so long since a fracas had broken out, both humans grabbed the same dog. What was interesting was that sheff_dogs Penny was in the room and Java didn't get nasty with Penny  afterwards, her murderous wrath was aimed purely at the Abester. kAt0 was intrigued, a little bewildered but didn't get involved. The outraged Little Abe has a few cuts on her face and a swollen throat, so keeping an eye on her. Java possibly had a little cut and was sheepish afterwards.

In other news - Java went to North Wales today and had a quick look around a boarding kennels. Dunno what thats all about. Java didn't react to the big hellos being shouted from the other inmates. Its part of an animal rescue and there were a zillion cats wandering about, two sat a few feet away watching Java having a pee, - Java was either so shocked (a bit like Bishop Brennan being kicked up the arse - any minute now she's going to wake up shouting "there were Barking Cats everywhere") or is actually cat friendly on the quiet. That dogs a deep one sometimes.
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Could you disguise little Abe.... maybe Java wouldnt notice her....it is a very strange affliction though.....just hating one dog...though its quite common with ponies and horses...they have gangs...
I did wonder if after her successful integration with Penny (ala sheffdogs) she might have mellowed but no....sigh. Sheffdogs will at some point get another dog, I hope it is a puppy so we can get Java comfortable with a dog who is going to be more powerful than her in time.

From everything I have read, bitch-on-bitch aggression is the worst, its very focussed, no posturing and grumbling, just in for the kill. And although rare, a lot of documented cases about bitches who just fell out completly, forever, with no turning back. Our mistake was bringing in another bitch (kAt0)

In a normal household, one dog would have to be rehomed. But our house is big enough, our lives empty enough (LOL) to accomodate them and luckily they don't mind time on their own, and both have good dogsitters they can spend one-to-one with. I wouldn't reccomend our way of life but its doable.