kato age two

And the Votes are Counted


And the results are a coalition of two Top Dogs!!  Or at least one dog and one political philosophy.

Little Abe and Anarchy with an equal number of votes. Quite an achievement for the dog whose sig file used to be "Chaos and Disorder, My Work Here is Done" Little Abe......or Das Fuhrer Abe as she now wishes to be known would like to thank everyone who voted for her and place an immediate tax of three Bonios daily on all her subjects. Hold on Abe, thats not what you said in your manifesto............

"Oy! kAt0-no-votes, gerrus the lid off this biccy tin. And warm us that sofa spot betwixt the humans, or tell em to shift"

Chairman Bow!

Re: Oi!
Woooooo, you get lamb chops....gonna have a word with my humans about this,

Chairman Bow, The Abester