In lieu of a proper Top Dog since Lindsay left us to cause havoc on Rainbow Bridge this has caused a by-election to be called in the Canine Feminist Collective. Since the Collective are too hapless to even cast votes – we have taken the unprecedented step in extending the voting to our Live Journal flist. So please vote - the doglets manifestos are behind the cut, Polling Day will be when our human works out how to do LJ polls again.

The Abester –
Party: Small Yappy Type Dogs
I am a fearless Toy rottweiler/mastiff cross. Every dog has a dream. I believe in biscuitisation and global woofications.  

Java of Sticks –
Party: More Pies for Java
Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Tranquility. Serenity. Harmony. Death to the Abe Infidel. Together we will win the War on Terriers.
kAt0 –
Party: The Bootylicious Party
I and I is well fit. Innit. If you vote for one of the rinsed dudes – you is gonna have to like, vote again soon innit, cos they is well prehistoric. And if I and I is the Top Dog, you get to look at me, you get me,  and I and I is like well buff. I and I is one bad wicked stush sistah. That Abe is, like, one bad ass sistah but so not in a good way, in a like literal way, you know what I'm saying? Booyakasha .  

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