kato age two

Will the Real Top Dog Please Stand Up?

Since Lindsay left us to Rainbow Bridge/Land of Biscuits/heaven - theres been political unrest in the Canine Feminist Collective. 

kAt0 is certainly top dog when it comes to managing Java. Java is more than happy to concede to kAt0 - but they have a playful relationship, kAt0 never intentionally hurts Java and will immediately retreat if she does. Java is not afraid (exasperated, weary, rolly eyes tolerant but not afraid) of kAt0 and enoys their symbolic punch-ups.

With That Abe - kAt0 does Top Dog type stuff - she will groom Abe (as in wash face not prepare for filthyness- you should be ashamed of yourselves doityminded flist!) but then Abe will demand to be groomed. kAt0 knows that she really shouldn't give in to Abe insistence, as Top Dog she has to choose to groom That Abe - but she gives in and Abe gets her face washed.

kAt0 gets the best seat (inbetween the humans on the sofa) but That Abe will gently tiptoe (tip-paw?) over kAt0 to squeeze into the smallest space between kAt0 and humans. On the surface - it seems like kAt0 is in charge. But there are times when Abe won't let kAt0 out of the back door, snapping at kAt0's face and kAt0 passivley hangs back. Or Abe sits on the back of the sofa then lets herself slide down on top of kAt0.  Rather than have a confrontation, even though she knows she ought to protest, kAt0 will move.

So in view of this confusion - the doglets will be going to a by-election soon.........
Abe sounds like Meena...Passive Agressive... we demoted her based on her more than slightly unstable mental state in favour of the slightly dim but out going and friendly Barnum... be have to reinforce this every now and then but not overly... Barnum is tollerant... but he will tell her when he is sick of having his ears bitten....