kato age two

Happiness is a Warm Dog

There, that dunnit, we doglets have been taking it in shifts to stare at the broken Aga until it warmed up again. We were clemmed (tis a word!).  And all that staring has paid off, its back on. All we need now is the return of Our Soft in front of the Aga - humans removed it claiming we were in the way when they play with their food.

So, we divert our energies back to the serious business of staring at the Temple of Food - takes about 24 hours but eventually it offers up gifts of Duck & Rabbi.  And we seem to have finally foiled Posty - he hasn't been for days. RIght, lets go and stare at the biscuit tin which has carob creams and other delights from Pets At Home (our humans favoured hunting ground).
Lucky Doglets, wish i had an Aga, not that i've got anywhere to put one mind. :o)
Woah, Duck and RABBI?? Will they have moved on to eating methodist ministers by the time we come to dogsit - that would at least be a bit more convenient..?
Heh! There is a deliberate missing "T" off the end of rabbi. The doglets once had LJ friend who was a bunny (called gertrude, who was plotting world domination and sadly deleted her journal after being eaten by a fox)

When Java went camping with boglin, lupercal and said bunnys human, we felt it tactful to tippex off the "T" on certain cans of her dinner. And so duck and rabbi flavour dog food was born.


And that was a mighty fine nut roast you made missus - one for our Lindsifarne table me thinks.
This was of course us doglets posting - a rather over zealous F-secure virus wotsit with the latest paranoid edition of Spybot, is being a bit moody.
Yus, we have a tendency not to buy rabbi* dogfood or treats for our visiting doggy friends as Bounce is a bit alarmed by it ;) Actually though, if you don't manage to catch a Methodist Minister instead of a Rabbi, you could always use a french horn player..?!

Would have to adapt recipe v slightly for Lindisfarne for the Bogpercal gang but soya flour would do instead of cheese and water would do instead of egg, it's just a bit crumblier. Still nice though. Was nice to have an appreciative audience!