kato age two

Leaving the House

 Java left another piece of her psychological baggage behind yesterday.  We humans went to see Seabound in Sheffield. Back at Canine Feminist Collective HQ 

therovers    taught kAt0 and That Abe how to appreciate the mystical art of Match of the Day. theroversreported that the DogChild and the neurotic Abe were golden - obviously they had been "replaced"  and the real kAt0 and That Abe were fraying some aliens nerves up on some passing spaceship.

Whilst we tapped our feet very politely to Seabound , Java stopped at sheff_dogshouse. This was different to the one human, no other dogs situation, 10 mile walk she has with her Wallace. This was being in a strange house with another dog (though there were two humans ready to intervene if she went Psycho). Once they had talked her down off the windowsill after we left, sheff_dogshumans said Java was quite settled. It must seem like nothing but its such a big step for our loopy dog.

Seabound have been the first band to tempt me out of inertia for some time, preferring a psytrance party if we are to leave the house at all - and it was fab. Like proper fan girl I recorded my fave tune on my camera in lieu of being able to close my eyes and have a delicious ciggarette. Bumped into battered_steelwhich was a timely coincidence - it being indirectly his fault I was there at all. A personal review of Iris on his old deleted LJ had led me to purchase purely on his few sentences their Wrath CD, which led me to explore other stuff and find the wonderful Seabound.  And now he has guided me to Lastfm which is brimming full of even more stuff.


Anyway - heres that Java with Penny, in Pennys kitchen surrounded by nice smells of food and biscuits

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I am a bit wary of having something snooping about on me PC - though I don't have an MP3 player or ipod. I quite like the "you might like this" way of things though and having a rummage around other peoples playlists. A rummage on yours reminds me that I haven't listened to the Swans for ages.

I will buy so little these days that I will buy things based on a trusted reccomendation or hearing a few snips.

Even more impressive you got into Iris then, Wrath is a lot different to Awakening (which is their best album IMHO).

Have you heard the Alpha Conspiracy? it's the guy from Iris who does all the programming, free track or two on the site in the Media section:


Close is just such a brill track, it's top played on my LastFM lol.

Some freebies on the Mind in a box site, I love their music:


I am just back from musicnonstop and have 2 mind in a box cds on their way to me LOL. I think its the extra layers of sound in stuff like mesh, seabound and miab that I like - and not using the usual psuedo-deaht metally euro-industrial vocal style. It may be pop - but it has depth. (Crikey - get me and my analysis)

Heh in my chirpy mood - I even ordered hippy (floyd) a nightwish CD - being careful it's one with Tarja on. Tho whether I let him play it in the communcal areas of our house are doubtful. Dreadful operatic nonsense but he really likes it....but I feel dirty now :-)
Cool, MIAB try to be more free with their musical style. Not cliched EBM or Industrial. Also pretty well mixed and produced compared to many bands.

Some people don't like the vocoder vocals, but there's a reason for it. The female vocal is actually the male singer pitch shifted and the vocoder disguises the effect a bit.
Penny misses you all and you are right that she is getting deafer; went down the cellar for sommat yesterday, when I came up she was looking for me, and I came up behind her and touched her before she realised I was there. Although it is *possible* that I am so light of foot that no one would have heard me.......