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kAt0 -

 Sometimes, she just needs some horns and a forked tail.


will go and check out lastfm shortly -

Really enjoyed seabound,not a bad sound for the size of venue. Even hippy conceded it was a good night out. Though I have to admit,if I had to choose,I think Edge of Dawn just have the edge (!) on seabound - don't suppose they will tour tho.
I think the days of crap PA are long gone, I hear good sound even down a local pub. Obviously you can't fix a poor mix, but feedback seems less frequent and you get the sub bass.

I've heard the name Edge of Dawn, not listened yet, I have 2 tracks of theirs in my iTunes so I'll have a listen.

Maybe I'll see you at Mesh, November 24th?

Have you got the latest Iris track New Invaders? it's pretty good, there's a DVD out soon as well :)
Been so long since I have been to a gig I guess. Some of the soundsystems for techno/psytrance can be pretty grim sometimes.

I do think you will like Edge of DAwn - tho I just got their remix maxisingle wotist from musicnonstop and its a bit disappointing. They really are just seabound with a different slant tho.

Crikey that lastfm is a place to get lost in - I just spent a couple of hours listening to all sorts of interesting stuff.

Not sure about Mesh - is it Manchester? hippy might even like Mesh. (tho as he likes Nightwish - Sheffield is good for us as we have friends there that we can stay with and bring one of our dogs along.
heh - the sentence up there "as he likes nightwish" should have ended "he is not qualified to pass remark on my musical taste" ;-)