kato age two

Going Into Care

Humans enjoyed Inukshuk - tho hatty grumbled a bit about the complicated techno at the end. They wobbled in at 6-30am, we got to fuss the Special Friends and even slept awhile with one.
Humans research on doing their wills - ncdl now known as the dogstrust do a Canine Care Card scheme. We get our details registered and they will take care of us should anything happen to both our humans. They advise on the wording of said Will which then accounts for any canine changes in our pack. Humans just have to keep details updated. And its free!!! Though our humans are still going to make a hefty legacy to ncdl/the dogstrust. Our doggy minds are set at rest as they have a no euthanasia policy for healthy dogs - even stupid, daft ones.