kato age two

Java Welcomes Squatter With Open Paws

Regular readers will be aware that Java has always had issues with other dogs - especially on her territory and especially round me, the doglets typist. When other dogs visit she usually has to be kept out of the way or go to one of  her weekend retreat.  sheff_dogs Penny is crashing over here while her human is away visiting in Oxford. We took it easy yesterday, I didn't fuss Penny at all and we gave Java lots of treats and fuss. No bums up, no stiff tails, no grumbling, not even a hissed "gerrout my bowl spanglenose"  As I type, Penny is asleep by my feet and Java is lying on the bed.  And although they haven't shared basket space yet, and just say a reserevd "alright" as they pass - this isn't something we ever expected to see...........


Java and kAt0 keep beady eyes on the squatter

And this also means that Java will be acommpanying us to sheffield to see Seabound on Sunday - and hanging out at sheff_dogs house whilst  therovers  keeps the DogChild and That Abe amused.
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Java has mellowed with time, her weekends Gromiting with her Wallace have done wonders for her confidence - but she still reacts badly if she feels threatened. She use to flare up at the very sniff of the other sheff_dog Jazz,a big GSD, who is sadly no longer with us. Penny (aka spanglenose) is very competitive about food but that doesn't seem to bother Java. She just doesn't see Penny as any kind of threat or intrusion.

Maybe one day Java will tolerate Abe