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That Abe and kAt0 go Vets

 kAt0 and Little Abe went vetwards this evening - but seperately. Little Abes hooligan behaviour in the vets would be such a dangerously disruptive influence on the impressionable kAt0. kAt0 had her annual vaccs and just a bit of a grumble at Nick (the gay austrailian vet who we have now decided is not austrailian, just camper than a festy full of VWs) for making her neck go sharped. kAt0 dislikes being meddled with by strangers - she is the child shouting "stranger, stranger" at the top of her voice.

Little Abe is mellowing, she behaved fairly well in the waiting room, didn't start any fights, didn't shout Yer Big SAft Mewing C*** at passing rottys,no breakages of expensive vetinany equipment added to our bill and we weren't asked to wait outside. Kinda sad really - (aside from the not jumping the queue) she is getting old. And annoying as she can be - that feisty behaviour is part of her lovableness. You have to admire a 17kg dog who offers a 60kg rottweiler out, raises her tail, moons and adds "and bring your pedigree scum siblings with you, your gonna need em CatFace" But today she just stared at her fellow waiting room dogs inbetween bouncing on/off the seats (if they took the sign "seats for humans only" down -she probably wouldn't bother)
And Little Abe went on the table - with only a minor struggle, though it took three of us. Of course when we said "on there" when we didn't want her on the table - she was up in one acrobatic leap by her self. Nick was impressed that the little fella was so agile at her pensioner age. Little Abe had a shopping list of minor concerns - which we detail below -for our own record more than anything. No Vaccs for Abe due to her sensitivity to anything chemical introduced into the System of An Abe.

Lump in tail -  possibly trauma from the clumsy kAt0 - we only noticed it the day after last weeks incident when she gave kAt0 a cross snap in the face (and made kAt0 grizzle).
Fatty Lumps in Chesty Box/Neck Area -  prob just fatty lumps left behind after the dramatic weightloss of the Abekins Diet
Heart Murmur/Breathing - all is well - no concerns 
Scooty Bum - we left the best till last - Abe still looks very startled when the vet inserts digit into her bot-bot

So, home in time for Tea and Dog Borstal.

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Oh I watched Dog Borstal..then spent the rest of the night explaining to Joe why we cant have a Great Dane!! I had to admire that girls fortitude with the EBT....
So, why can't you have a Great Dane? He was such a handsome daft lummox - perfect friend for kAt0.

kAt0's first boyfriend was an EBT at school - and he was a stubborn, eccentric, looney of a dog who fell asleep in Stand Stays, dessimated the agility course - (none of this going over, he just went through) and gave our Sweetness her first snog. But he was a lovely lad, not a nasty bone in his body.
We cant have a Great Dane because we already have an "Almost Dane Sized" lunatic already....I was trying to steer us towards Whippets...lovely little dainty Whippets....I can only dream of having dogs that dont knock you down the stairs at full gallop.... leap over the setee (any anyone sitting in it) crash throught the back door to get to their dinner....