kato age two


 kAt0 has wet her knickers twice this evening - she was a little slow to housetrain but from 10/11 months had it well sussed. Apart from the occaisional smaterring of piddle down her legs as she gets up too quickly if she is excited. And she has a bit of a mad plume of a tail which gets in the way of piddling. But this evening, she had two leakages, one on each sofa. Hope our Little Sweetness isn't poorly.

Last night the big Clutz accidentally stood on Little Abe who retaliated with a nasty, spiteful, snarl straight in kAt0's face. Which sent kAt0, who is three times the size of Abe and made up of breeds meant to hunt, guard and fight, scuttling away to grizzle in a corner. And then go passive to Abe. Little Abe, who at the slightest glimmer of that window of opportunity, gets very up herself and will try to shimmy herself into any potentially vacant Top Dog Management position. Little Abe did some strutting and posing for a few minutes.

Java has gone Wallace&Gromiting for the weekend with Glyn, told us not to wait up as she shot out of the door and into the back of his car.
Poor Kato. No need to explain to us about piddling mind you. We thought we'd seem the last of it when the kitties got old enough to go outside and when the nasty strange tom mercifully disappeared from the area - it's certainly several months since the house actually stank prominently of tomcat pee. But just this week Sylke found more suspicious puddles at the bottom of the stairs. Obviously one of the six of ours has gone back to feeling lazy/insecure/put-upon/taken-short/etc ...
Sounds like her confidence has had a knock...Meena is very submissive and any sort of routine change (fireworks used to do it too) can set her off... she is getting better and we try to do what we can to give her confidence a boost....feeding her first, extra special one to one fuss without lentil brain pushing in...it only takes a short while to get her back to normal...
Kato stop worrying them humans of yours. And I know you admired Jazz, but being a complete wuss in stituations like that is just taking imitation too far.

*shakes head* at the Abester.