Its with sadness........

 The Collective are in quiet, reflective mood - Jazz,  The Queen of sheff_dogs   The Jazzster, passed away a few days ago and went to join Lindsay at Rainbow Bridge/heaven/Land of Biscuits  - delete according to pathway.  Jazz was a strict but caring canine influence on the DogChild kAt0, bestest mate to That Abester humouring her Big Dog delusions (on their first meeting, Abe tried to bite a very bemused but not even slightly provoked Jazz').  

Theres a bond between human and canine - that leaves a loss that is beyond words. Why are their lives so short compared to ours? But for all the grief when we have to let them go - it was worth every second.

"Without dogs, our houses are cold receptacles for things" (Paul Fersen)
Thank you for posting this, I haven't felt ready to, but it's good that you have.

And thank you all for you thoughts.