Poor baby kAt0 returned from her south east coast adventure with a stowaway - a tic on her snoot. kAt0 isn't keen on the vets. Hippys plan was to ask the vet to show how tic removal is done and undertake the procedure at home, rather than give her another reason to dislike the vets. (the stomach pumping incident still makes us all shiver)   Tics are rapidly growing beasties, with a bobble full of our sweetness' blood on the outside of the dog, and legs firmly stuck inside the dogs skin. Ewww. 

Nick, our vet, spotted immediately that kAt0 had returned with an intruder on her snooter. Nick is a great vet, he seems to genuinely like animals and humans.  Most vets - seem to be one or the other (or neither) Its a busy practice so we try to get to know the vets and see the same ones where possible.

Anyway the  treatment was one blast of Frontline Spray - and waiting, no pulling or meddling. Tic-nazi should just fall off now. Its the round bobbly thing near her eye on the right (her left)

Nast things Ticks....the ponies used to get them all the time in Ireland....
That's what I did when my cat got one (on advice from vet at the time - was years ago) - covered it in vaseline, and let it suffocate, and after a couple of days it fell off - not a nice death, but then it shouldn't have picked on my mogger!
You are not supposed to smother them nowadays, it makes the tick puke up _into_ your dog/cat/pony and so makes it more likely your dog/cat/pony will get Lyme's disease. They can be twisted off (anti-clockwise), but if a blast of Frontline spray will do it that would be a lot easier.

The imperfection is bigger than it was on Sunday.