kato age two

Java Goes to the Vets and Unfunny Comedy Items

Java had her annual vaccination today. Was a well behaved dog in the waiting room - slightly fancied a young staffy who was transfixed by Java's beauty. Java sang to him in her low barooo voice and he put his head on one side.

Pair of twits in the waiting room with a rabbit in a washing up bowl
Awww - how cute. Awww - how very nearly a blood bath. 
One dog owner was keeping her dog outside and when her name was called , the dog was carried speedily into the examination room and the door slammed shut.

Luckily Java and her new admirer didn't notice Bowl Bunny. Tearing a rabbit up is the perfect activity for that first clumsy date. 

Java didn't like the vet, Java can be aloof and distant at the best of times, but she has a special chilly demeanour for the handful of humans she dislikes. And today she was frozen and emotionless as vet examined her.

In other news - our humans are so easily amused. Oh how they guffaw at their latest purchase from Hootys. Even posty has had a snicker.  Not been to Hootys in Willenhall? Tiz a shopping mecca for even the most indifferent and reluctant shoppers. The bastard child of TK Maxx household section and The Pound Shop.

Now you doggies....you can always add your own touch to that franky insulting addition to your home by simply adding the word "Poo" to said mat.....that was a word of wisdom bought to you by "The Pointers".....
I think they should scrub out the 'of' and add an 's' and an exclamation mark and "muhahahahahahaha" to the end...
We *want* one of those doormats ! We are up to six cats now and it's definitely a case of 'beware'.