kato age two

Said the Surveyor to the Human

"Not a house for the fainthearted" said the surveyor "Are you sitting down?"
"Right, the main considerations are.................but mainly cosmetic"
"But correctly priced for the area and condition"
"And the retainer?" blurted hatty "You see we watched Property Ladder and they retained the entire mortgage on this blokes house and he put a silly hot tub in it and well its a perfect house for us with the dogs and all, you see our neighbours hate us but we've never been burgled - not that the dogs are savage or anything. Heh maybe we are the burglars Ha Ha. And hot tubs are just silly anyway, have you got one? Oh dear I bet you have...when I said silly I meant...."
God she rambles when she's nervous.
" I am reccomending the retainer will be £affordable until [lists items] are completed"
Items which were on our shopping list anyway.
It took a while for the figure to sink in hattys brain, she all but made him say it digit by digit with decimal point. So theres just the searches to do now.
We doglets lost interest and went to ponder our sullied reputation "Not Savage" indeed! Must try harder. Grrrr.
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