NEWS JUST IN.....Happiness is a Wet Dog

Previously, we reported here on Canine Feminist Collective Live Journal that Happiness is a Warm Dog. This was an untrue statement and we apologise unreservedly to our readers - we stand corrected and can now report that Happiness is indeed a Wet Dog. Any other representations of dog happiness have been misleading and can not  remotely compare with the sheer ecstasy of being caught in a flash floody shower type rainy thing, doing splishy sploshy in puddles on the way home from Daily Walk and then doing an allover shake in the kitchen.

Aqua Sweetness. In she scummy?

Note- kAt0 is wearing two ID discs - she lost/swallowed her last one and had to wear Lindsays (RIP).  She now has  a new red one, but for sentimental reasons, has chosen to continue wearing Lindsays. Though got so wet today - she is ow wearing nil ID discs as even her collar was saturated. 

  • Current Mood: wet
Awww, big smile! She's got the same post-shake sticky-outy hairdo that Presley was modelling yesterday, after taking great pride in galloping into the living room & rolling all over the carpet before i had time to attack him with a towel!