skelly dog

Baked Mice

Today our humans went to Pets at Home to acquire more offerings for our Temple of Food which was worryingly nearing empty and would have been an insult to the Gods of Mungry.

Humans noticed  the small animal tanks (rats, mices and other snacks little furry fellas) - the thermometer was off the scale. Some of the little dudes were pressed against the glass, some sleeping/panting, some upside down trying to cool down and a couple drinking excessively, obviously overheating, distressed and uncomfortable. So, our humans ever so gently and politely pointed this out to the lass on the till - and got this answer

 "yes, we know, we have tried all day to ventilate it, we know  they can get dehy-thermicked" 

"they'll die soon " said our human quietly.

Perhaps "your profits are at stake" would have gained a better response. But in fairness she was just a young girl on the till and would lack any power.

Should we have made a scene? Demanded to see the manager? Claimed to be the Pet Shop Inspectors?

You could give the RSPCA a ring but quite honestly I doubt they will do anything.....