Last year we had an abundance of raspberries that we did not know what to do with (especially as neither human or hippy like them) This year we have less..........mysterious...........

raspberry harvest

Its odd but the dogs only like tomatoes if they have fallen and split open, or if they are fed from a human hand.

Your lot have the ideal snooters for foraging.
I'll take any raspberries that she don't eat, if you want rid of them to good home. Or I could come and make them into my Aunt Sarah's raspberry pudding for you. Yummmmmmmm. I loves them! Plus it would be great excuse to come and visitate, if you are up for visitating...
Your very welcome to visitate, with or without Aunt Sarahs pudding :-) Kato & Java will welcome you with open paws and you can meet Little Abe.

Jazz and Penny both do that with ours, although Jazz doesn't do it if she thinks we're watching. We do like raspberries and the rule is supposed to be 'dogs can have any that have dropped, but NO picking'

Although neither is keen on going down the allotment in the rain.....