kato paw

A Worried Paw

kAt0 is worrying away at a Back Paw. Not all the time but it is very red and sore inbetween two toes. Not sure what to do - theres no way she will agree to let even the most gentle Vet have an inspection. We can either wait and hope it sorts itself out, a thorn that may work free or a bit of grit, or we can have her sedated which leaves us with the puzzle of how to transfer a doped-up Sweetness back to the car. Wait and see for now - 

Nurse Abe doesn't seem interested so there can't be any infection.
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If its a grass seed...it wont come out it will only work its way in... will she let you have a look at it?...I find putting them in the bath (not with any water in it)...makes it easier to examine tickly paws....

I think you are going to have to....
Penny would like to recommend Mr W Watchman's 1907 Original Formula EarClear Canker Powder, as she says it has miraculous healing properties, so although it is meant for ears it would probably work on anything.

Jazz would like to remind you how stupid Penny is, although Jazz does concede that the ear powder has more or less stopped Penny's ear infections. Jazz doesn't actually think this is a Good Thing as she is no longer treated just for sitting quietly while Penny's ears are attended to.

Their humans and Jazz send get well thoughts to the teenager, Penny can't quite remember who Kato is right now.
If it's evening-ish appointment we can help with lifting doped up Sweetness duty.