kato age two

Sacred Church of Virgin Java & Holy Dog Child

Java: "Sinners repent. The Church of Java  welcomes you with Open Paws. Cast aside your Gaudy Fluoro Bling Halti and False Bonios.  Come to Java. Join Us. For a Small Tithe of 15 real Bonios"

Kato: "But I and I is well fly in this bitchin fresh pink halti" 

Java: "The one and only true Dog is Spirit: self-existent, infinite, personal, unchangeable, and eternal in Her being; perfect in holiness, biscuitness, love, justice, goodness, wisdom, and truth; omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and omnibiscuit. Creator and Sustainer of all things, visible and invisible; both imminent and transcendent to creation; eternally existent in three canines, one in substance and co-equal in power and glory - Doglet, Dog, and Holy Canine"

Kato: Ja-ja? You been at the ashtrays again?

Java: Possibly. Got terrible munchies. I could murder a Curly Wurly

Five sinners  including boglin  lupercal and therovers  joined us doglets on relgious, sin cleansing, sabbaticalisation at Beamsley Hospital   http://www.outofoblivion.org.uk/record.asp?id=124

better snaps of the Enlightenment and Cleansing of Sins might appear on accomplice sinners LJs but for now, heres some  Bad Snaps (though kAt0 bum is actually that big)

When you first walk in - this is what you see, almost exactly as it was in 1593, complete with olde bible and prayer books. Our humans were proud and relieved that we didn't mistake olde books for chews.....as one does. boglin   and lupercal  arrived first and greeted us with suitably daft religious parody but you know what, That boglin  has a proper well trained singing voice

The High Mother Java with the kAt0 emo choir of one

Now, you wouldn't be able to do this at pontins/butlins - hippy and doglets choose hymns

The Gospel according to Saint hippy

First rule: No dogs on the furniture - but isn't Fat Arse kAt0 so scrummy

There be dragons! with intense dragonspotters

Java is an old paw at Steam Dragons but kAt0 was a little uncertain at getting inside the Steam Dragon

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It was a really good weekend, thanks for everything! Not sure if you saw them, but my photos are up here...
I think look very well behaved....my two would have gone through there like an Avalanche!!!!