kato paw

Canine Feminist Collective attracts Avian Celebrity

Every day we look out of our kitchen window to watch the birds on the church roof. Debating whether its safe to do a swoop on the bird table and other assorted bird feeding contraptions we have. The "too-fat-to-fly" pigeons snickering and mooning at kAt0, crows sitting on the cross shouting "we're goths we am", sparrows squabbling, starlings being all Clockwork Orange and the peacock.........PEACOCK! Yup, theres a full sized, splendid peacock sitting on the church roof. Apparently he has been hanging around all afternoon according to various neighbourites who have been chasing him trying to catch him in a blanket. Our elderly neighbour did mention it to hippy but we just assumed he was tripping on one too many pints of mild. Again. 

Apparently the police and the RSPCA weren't interested, but then its Sunday and Peaky hasn't committed any crimes, though theres probably some by-law about shitting on a church roof during a service.  Peacock is now asleep on next door but ones roof. The Collective are being escorted to their night-time Little Girls Room - we don't want to find a pile of blue feathers with the doglets gathered round. Gwan Peaky! Do the Tail thing Dude! kAt0 thinks her tail is well Las Vegas - her snoot will be well put out if Peaky does his ting.

It was certainly more of a running and jumping thing rather than proper flying. Tho he did manage to get on the church roof. No sign of him this morning - hope he got home OK.
They are VERY loud. Hope he did get home, but it isn't obvious to me which of your neighbours might own a peacock, perhaps he came down the hill from the posh bit.